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In addition, through the COVID-19 CARES Act, individuals may now elect to take an above-the-line charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash gifts made to public charities in 2020-2021. Your donation would be deducted from your total income before taxes are calculated, thus lowering your taxable income. This applies to both itemizers and non-itemizers. Take advantage of this tax incentive by making a gift to the Family YMCA of Black Hawk County.

Together, we can provide food for those who are hungry, child care for parents who need to go to work, a safe, nurturing space for kids to attend school remotely, and outreach to seniors who are feeling isolated. Because strong communities are built by people who care about one another.

No matter what challenges the future brings, we can overcome them together. Give to Family YMCA of Black Hawk County and help create a stronger community for all.

The Y. Forever together. For a better us.


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The YMCA isn’t ONLY about getting in shape. It is a community resource organization, aimed at improving the spirit, mind, and body of all who want to participate.

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We need your support to strengthen our community – because strengthening community is our cause.
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