Racquetball Reservations

To reserve your court time, please call 319-233-3531. Recreation reservations can be made by YMCA members only. Court users must check-in at the Welcome Desk. Please call if you are unable to use the court time.

Cedar Valley Taekwondo

Tae kwon do is an excellent way for youth and adults to develop balance, coordination, self-discipline and respect. Martial Arts also helps adults and children improve self-control, self-confidence, flexibility, weight control and physical fitness. Since tae kwon do is a year-round activity, it is a great aerobic exercise. A large benefit of being in tae kwon do is that it is one of the few activities that all family members can participate in.

Adult Karate (Shito-Ryu)

Traditional Karate techniques of exercise, stretching, physical conditioning, self-defense, and Kata Forms will be taught for adult students ranging from beginners to experienced levels. Inspired students may achieve Black Belt (Shodan) level of promotion.


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The YMCA isn’t ONLY about getting in shape. It is a community resource organization, aimed at improving the spirit, mind, and body of all who want to participate.

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