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Join the Grundy Family YMCA for your health, well-being, and fitness needs. We have a number of different programs for adults to promote a healthy lifestyle. Check out all of our amazing programs below!

To learn more about our Healthy Living programs and costs, explore our 2020 Winter Program Guide


Orientation and Fitness Testing

Member Orientation: Our staff is here to walk you through how to use all of our equipment. If you don’t know where to start or are unfamiliar with fitness equipment you can schedule a free orientation with us.

YMCA Fitness Testing: Want to learn more about your flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, body composition and cardiovascular endurance? Make an appointment today with the Y staff today! Fitness testing is available for all levels of fitness and can help you track your progress!

Fitness Classes

YMCA Group Fitness Classes
Join the friendly and motivating staff at the YMCA in our group fitness classes. Every class is led by a nationally certified instructor instilled with the knowledge base to help you improve your level of fitness. Classes are focused around the enhancement and development of cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscular balance, and flexibility in a fun and energetic environment. With a variety of classes and formats to choose from, getting healthier has never been easier.

Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Classes available include:

  • 4 Weeks to a Healthier You
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Ultimate Core
  • Kickboxing
  • Circuit Training
  • Pickleball
  • Cardio & Core Cross-Train
  • Senior Fitness – 2 class times!
  • Yoga
  • Boot Camp
  • Row & Burn
  • Strength, Cardio & Core
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Adult Coed Volleyball League
  • Adult Tennis Lessons
  • Outdoor Boot Camp

Indoor Cycling: This energizing exercise program will take your workout to the next level with combinations of hills, flats, sprints & hovers. This indoor cycling class is designed for beginners and advanced riders alike because you control your own resistance.

Ultimate Core: Take your core training to a higher level. This unique class puts you through a series of exercises that work your abs, back and buns. Produce a more sculpted midsection faster. This class can be modified for individuals of all fitness levels.

Kickboxing: This program will give you the tools to improve your level of fitness, technique, and self-confidence. Individuals will get a great workout, while also developing self-defense training. Participants are encouraged to bring their own gloves.

Circuit Training: This 6-week class will maximize the efficiency of your workout by targeting specific muscle groups in each workout.  Complete the three-day workout circuit in order to challenge all major muscle groups.  Instructors will keep your heart rate elevated with interval cardio activities throughout the workout. Participants will improve in muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance!

Row & Burn: Check out this new high-intensity cardio and resistance training program that will push you to the max. Instructors will lead you through combination exercises emphasizing all of the major muscle groups while using rowing machines, body weight training and free weights. This great workout will keep your muscles guessing and wanting more!

Senior Fitness: Instructor-lead cardio-respiratory and strength training workouts for Seniors.  Helps increase mobility, range of motion, and energy levels.  Exercises are no to low impact and will help with performance of day to day activities outside of the YMCA!

Water Aerobics: This total body workout will help promote cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone, and flexibility.  People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy water workouts. This low-impact class is a perfect choice for healthy individuals and also those desiring to decrease excess stress placed on their bodies.

Boot Camp: Come enjoy the great outdoors with this total body resistance training program.  Instructors will lead participants through exercises in order to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance through the use of medicine balls, resistance tubes and other creative equipment.

Yoga I: Our great yoga instructors will take participants through beginning yoga poses to achieve balance and well-being. This class will slowly build up to more difficult movements as individual’s progress. Participants will improve strength while taking time out to relax and concentrate on their bodies.

Personal Training: Let one of our Certified Personal Trainers take you through workouts specifically geared to meet your fitness and wellness goals. You can work one-on-one or in a group. You’ll learn various exercises that build strength, endurance, reduce body fat, and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. A workout plan can be created in order to maintain workouts beyond instruction.  Personal training and Pilates sessions are made by appointment only.

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Workout Plan: Would you like someone to create a workout plan that meets your fitness and wellness goals? Let one of our personal trainers design and create a workout plan that can be implemented in our fitness facility.


Adult Coed Sand Volleyball League: A non-competitive league for players 18 years of age and older. All registered team rosters are final with a maximum of 10 players. Game play consists of 6 players on the court and can be made up of any mix of males and females. The league will last 6 weeks starting July 15th. All games played Sunday afternoons.

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